terça-feira, 16 de junho de 2015

Gigaset Charity Polo Match with The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry

Prince Harry plays for team Royal Salute and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge plays for team Piaget at the Gigaset Charity Polo Match at Beaufort Polo Club on June 14, 2015 (Chris Jackson)

segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2015

São José Polo Audi vence a 6ª edição São José Copa Ouro de Polo

Evento que coroa os melhores jogadores de polo do país aconteceu na tarde de sábado, 
em Campinas no Clube de Polo São José. A partida mais aguardada foi disputada entre 
São José Polo Audi e Santa Márcia na categoria masculina com um placar final de 11x10 
 resultado que consagrou a equipe da casa tricampeã do torneio 
(Fotos:B.V.L / @andreafunaro)

 Fernada Aun
 Afranio Afonso Ferreira

 Amanda e Roberto Funaro
 Claudia Junqueira

 Alain dos Santos
 Marcos Moraes Barros,Gil Sabie e Sergio Wajsbrot
 Tio Ronnie
 Carol e amiga
 Romulo Arantes,Nicole Kramer,Fiorella Mattheis e Zé Eduardo Kalil
                                     Cataco e Ze Meirelles confraternizam com amigo
 Renata ,José Eduardo Kalil e Gabriela Moreno
 Romulo Arantes e Andrea Funaro
 Pini Montoro e Thaya Marcondes
 Monserrat e Cataco Linhares
 Marcio Bissoli e Giovana
 Janaina,Alain Riguidel e Nicole Kramer-Axelrad- Piaget Team
 Rosana e Dr Cunha
 Zé Carlos  e Elaine com Rick Portugal Gouveia
 Premiação do time vice-campeão SANTA MARCIA 
Premiação do time campeão SÃO JOSÉ POLO
 Andrea Diniz do time BTGPACTUAL
Simone Kalil, Adriana Geronazzo,Andrea Funaro e Elaine Kalil
 Dé Kalil arrasa com super repertório...
Dé,Carlinhos,Zé Carlos e Zé  Eduardo Kalil com Marcelo Gurgel

sexta-feira, 12 de junho de 2015

Thaís Araújo e Fiorella Mattheis marcaram presença na inauguração da joalheria Piaget no shopping Cidade Jardim.

Maison Piaget celebrou mais um importante passo na sua história: a abertura de sua primeira loja na América Latina e no Brasil.Com a presença do CEO da marca, Philippe Leopold-Metzger e as celebridades da noite Thaís Araujo e Fiorella Mattheis.

quarta-feira, 10 de junho de 2015

Maison Piaget Brazil presents Possession collection on June,11

"Possession" a coleção talismã.

Vire e o mundo é seu. O movimento brincalhão dos aneis torna-se um prazer viciante, um ritual diário. Com curvas delicadas é fácil de usar.
Trabalhado em ouro rosa e cravejado de diamantes, a nova "coleção Possession" logo se torna uma companheira exclusiva.
A coleção foi desenhada para as mulheres que vivem em suas próprias regras.
A mundial aclamada atriz Jessica Chastain é a embaixadora da marca e ensaia campanha da Piaget 2015 usando a coleção Possession.

No dia 11 de Junho de 2015 estará inaugurando a primeira loja Piaget no Brasil ,onde estará presente o CEO Philippe Leopold-Metzger  e acontecerá o desfile da coleção Possession com a presença especial da atriz Thaís Araujo.

Turn and the world is yours. The woman secretly brushes her Possession ring with her hand and finds inspiration for her life. The playful, natural movement of her rings becomes an addictive pleasure, a daily ritual.Delicate curves easy to wear, its blend of feminine aesthetics intimately combines curves 
Crafted in rose gold and set with diamonds, the new "Possession collection" soon becomes an exclusive companion.
The collection is designed for women who live by their own rules.
World acclaimed actress Jessica Chastain takes possession of the world around her in an exceptional photo shoot and talks candidly about her fondness for the Possession collection.


quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2015


On the occasion of the 2015 edition of Baselworld, the watch industry's leading international trade fair, Gucci Timepieces is pleased to announce a special partnership with i.am+ for the development of an innovative concept in terms of wearable technology.
Stéphane Linder, President and CEO of Gucci Timepieces, said during the announcement: “Today, through this innovative collaboration with i.am+ and will.i.am, Gucci Timepieces is fully embracing the future of wearable technology that is now ahead of us, with the objective of launching a wearable device concept that is a fashion accessory, incorporating the most comprehensive and advanced technological functionalities.“

Hennessy invites leading contemporary artists for a travelling exhibition

The Hennessy 250 Tour: Featured Artists
In keeping with a creative heritage that is as much material as immaterial, The Hennessy 250 Tour showcases leading contemporary artists whose works and installations evoke the Maison’s legacy and expertise. Orchestrated by art curator Hervé Mikaeloff in collaboration with scenographer Nathalie Crinière and Hennessy heritage expert Raphaël Gérard, the Hennessy 250 Tour exhibition is divided into six chapters, each illustrated by the work of one or several artists. These include:
-Charles Sandison, whose mirrored installation illustrates “A Tale of Two Families”, the Hennessys and their Master Blenders, the Fillioux, dynasties that have been intertwined for seven generations.
-Pierrick Sorin, who illustrates the time-honored rituals of Terroir (Land) and Savoir-faire through a “vitrine optique”, a piece of optical theater in which the video artist also stars. Short films about the art and craft of making Hennessy Cognac accompany this installation.
-Pioneers in hip hop, street art and design, including Futura, Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Arik Levy and Tom Dixon, whose recent collaborations appear in the “Inspired Encounters” room. 20th-century advertising posters recall Hennessy’s support of top illustrators.
-Tony Oursler, who offers an exploration of the little-known rituals and century-old dialogue which unite the Tasting Committee. In this mysterious installation of poetry and sound, the flow of liquid serves as a metaphor for an unbroken legacy.
- Anton Corbijn, whose portrait gallery reveals Hennessy’s true soul by capturing the personality and energy of the people, past and present, without whom Hennessy would not be the legend it is today.
-Constance Guisset, whose panoramic stage is an interactive, modular installation that guides visitors from “Here to There”; featuring life performances and video artworks by artists from every destination country, including Yang Yongliang (China), Olga Kisseleva (Russia), Dineo Seshee Bopape (South Africa), and Daniel Arsham (USA).